Nothing can compare to the quality look or feel of an embroidered logo or crest. It is colourful, attractive and durable. Embroidery is our preferred method of garment decoration and the prices shown in our online store and current price list include embroidery of a logo or crest (in up to 10 colours and 8,000 stitches) as well as the cost of the garment itself.

Computerised embroidery machines require a disk containing all the data to instruct the machine where to put each individual stitch etc. The process of creating such a disk is known as digitising or “Punching” the logo or design.

Embroidery set-up

We do not charge any set-up or punching fee for embroidery designs based on text, using typestyles or “fonts”, which are standard on our system.

Stock designs

At Trophy Textiles we have a very large collection of stock designs which are ready to embroider.  Designs from this stock library can have your own choice of wording added and will, once again, be free of charge (up to 8,000 stitches) without any set-up or punching costs.

Our stock library comprises of over fifteen thousand high quality designs covering all manner of interests and subjects.

Embroidery design

If you prefer more individual embroidery design, our design studio will be happy to create a logo for you from scratch or convert your existing logo into an embroidery design. There is a fee for this service with the punching charge based on the number of stitches in the finished design.

Embroidery Format Conversion

If you have a copy of your logo or crest, in embroidery format on a disk from another embroidery company, we can usually convert it for use on our machines.  We do not charge for this conversion.

Whilst we can accept artwork in most popular file formats as well as on paper or film, our preferred file types for receiving artwork are .ai or .jpg files. For embroidery designs we prefer Tajima .dst format.

Please contact us to discuss further the types of files which we can work from.


A typical breast logo costs between £20 – £40 to punch, however if you email us a copy of your logo or details of your requirements we will be happy to provide an exact quotation.  Once a logo has been punched and paid for, it is held in our system so that there will not be any set-up fees for any future orders using the same design.  There are no charges for changing thread colours to suit different garment colours.

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